Clean Renewable Hydrogen

Honda Clarity FCX Renewable Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Renewable Hydrogen Must Come First In Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Rollout

On May 1st 2014, California fired the starter pistol in the race to build a network of hydrogen fueling stations. Announcing $46 million in hydrogen infrastructure grants, the Golden State demonstrated its commitment to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and

Honda FCX Clarity with Jamie Lee Curtis

HYDROGEN: The Practical Electric Car

Hydrogen has been heralded for decades as the logical fossil-fuel replacement for our transportation needs. Yet whenever the topic crops up in conversation, I often encounter two misconceptions: that hydrogen is burned in an internal combustion engine and the technology

Honda FCX Clarity at Hydrogen Fuel Station

Distributed Hydrogen Generation: The Ultimate Sustainable Energy Paradigm

For decades, energy experts have been advocating a “Distributed Generation” (DG) model to address our future energy needs. Today, the distributed generation of hydrogen is an attractive and realistic proposition, opening up a free market for transportation fuel. Our legacy

How HyGen works

How HyGen works

HyGen believes the hydrogen infrastructure is mostly in place. With electricity and water universally available, the missing piece is on-site equipment to extract hydrogen from water using clean renewable electricity.