The Top 3 Advantages of Using Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Vehicles

hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle

The Industrial Revolution forged the path of the Internal Combustion Engine which was revolutionary at the time (many years ago). But we’ve evolved a lot since then. And while that technology is still prevalent in cars today, we’ve entered a new era – one in which technology and science can co-create a better world. This new world starts with learning more about the top three advantages of using hydrogen as fuel.

Buckle up your seatbelts to learn more about how hydrogen is:

1. The most abundant element in the Universe

Forget the days of deep-sea drilling for oil and gas (or asteroid mining for raw materials). One of the biggest advantages of using hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles is that it’s an unlimited resource. The fuel cells in the hydrogen-powered cars do not need conventional fuels such as oil or gas. This reduces economic dependence on oil-producing countries, creating greater energy security.

Named after the Greek words hydro for “water” and genes for “forming,” hydrogen makes up more than 90 percent of all of the atoms, which equals three-quarters of the mass of the universe, according to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. You don’t need to speak Greek to know that a large supply of any natural resource leads to efficiency and environmentally-friendly options.

2. Silent (shh!)

Many of the traditional cars that we operate today sputter and “combust” when you rev the engine. While this noise may generate excitement if you’re street racing in a muscle car, it’s often regarded as noise pollution to the majority of humans who aren’t into Formula One driving.

The process in fuel cells creates electricity chemically rather than combusting. While this reaction generates some heat, no noise is heard. The lack of combustion in the engine makes for a quiet commute. Plus, waste heat can be used to heat the cab and boost efficiency even further.

3. Pollution-free

Last but not least, hydrogen from the electrolysis of water is driven by renewable electricity, which means fuel cells eliminate greenhouse gases completely. Lack of pollution is one of the main reasons why hydrogen is the clean transportation fuel we need to be using today. Indeed, if you live in the Los Angeles area, stop by one of the fuel cell car dealerships like Toyota of Santa Monica and take a hydrogen car for a spin.

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are gaining a toehold today. The good news is that you can invest more than just a toe. Put your entire foot down to rev the gas for the next automobile revolution. Invest in HyGen today.

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